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Luoyang peony welding materials group co., LTD

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Luoyang peony welding materials group co., LTD

Luoyang peony welding materials group co., LTD. Was founded in1985Years,Are professional manufacturer for welding materials,Collection of scientific research,Production,Marketing as a whole,Annual sales of more than fifty thousand tons,Flux in the domestic industry forefront。For the product“The peony”“Kao”Brand,“Kao”Brand automatic submerged arc welding with flux melting typeHJ431、HJ431A、HJ350、HJ330、HJ260、HJ250G、HJ257、HJ107Such as flux,SinteredSJ101、SJ201 SJ301 SJ401 SJ501 SJ601Such as flux,H08A H08MnA H10Mn2 Welding wire series products,And can customize according to customer demand production customer brand,To sample processing and packaging, etc。

Products are widely used in ocean engineering,Nuclear power industry,Construction of the ship,The boiler,Chemical equipment,Bridge construction,Metal structure,Oil pipeline,Pressure vessel manufacturing,Roll overlaying welding,The construction industry, etc。Strong technology,Have professional and technical personnel18People,Has a complete quality guarantee system and test ability,With chemical analysis,Welding,Mechanical properties of laboratory and testing equipment,And many colleges and universities,Academy all close contact and cooperation。

Company complete quality guarantee system and the abundant technical force,Ensure the continuous by China classification society“Industry recognition”AndISO9001Quality management system certification。CCS Approved products:HJ431 SJ101 SJ301 H08A H08MnA H10Mn2 .Company's long-term for submerged arc automatic welding industry offers a wide range of quality products。

The company relies on technology to improve,Scientific management,Enthusiastic service,To do better products。Adhering to do enterprise in one hundred,Tree peony brand of peony,Efforts to make“Peony welding materials”Like a peony open side great river north and south of the motherland。

Product advantage

Luoyang peony welding materials group co., LTD

Submerged arc welding

Submerged arc welding is refers to under the flux layer combustion method for welding arc,As a kind of arc welding。The characteristics of the submerged arc welding is in effect under the action of electric arc,Solder、Flux and weldment was melted to form a layer of protective film is composed of slag and gas,Isolate the air of the welding area、The effect of optical radiation of heat insulation and shielding。

The influencing factors of submerged arc welding

①The condition of welding,Weld penetration is proportional to the welding current。
②Arc voltage,The arc voltage increase,Weld width increase obviously,While the penetration and the weld residual high fell。
③The welding speed,When the other welding parameters unchanged and the welding speed increases,Welding heat input decreases,So that the weld penetration is also decreased。
④Wire diameter and length,When other welding parameters unchanged and wire diameter increases,Arc column diameter increases。
⑤Wire Angle,Tilt direction of the welding wire is divided into forward and backward。The direction of the dip Angle and different sizes,Arc to molten pool of force and heat effect is also different,Thus affect the weld。

Performance advantages

High production efficiency,Weld quality,Manual operation,Inherent in the welding quality is stable、Welding productivity high、The advantages of no arc and little smoke,Make it a pressure vessel、Section、Box beams, and other important steel structure production, the main welding method。

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Luoyang peony welding materials group co., LTD

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